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Ten Ideas That Should Make Your Executive Checklist

To be successful in today’s extremely unpredictable, complex and unsteady business world, entrepreneurs must do everything possible. Checklists are a old start. So, here are nine quotes from The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change, a book by James Kerr. 1. Create a Vision that People Can Relate to: “Corporate transformation […]

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Are You Focused On Conversions Or Clicks?

Rule #1: Connect with the people who really are your Customers. Rule#2: Try not to waste too much money on the clickers. Optimizing for clicks is a proven and effective approach for search advertising. But relying on display clicks to drive conversions is often a dead end because the consumers most likely to click on display ads […]

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Marketing is changing. Are you ready?

Marketers spend a lot of money interrupting people. But, people don’t want to be interrupted anymore. That is a giant change in terms of how products and services will be marketed in the future because even if we throw an enormous amount of money at advertising, it no longer guarantees attention and thus, marketing as […]

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